Mountain Blueberries

Mountain Blueberries 1I wish I knew half what the flock of them know
Of where all the berries and other things grow,
Cranberries in bogs and raspberries on top
Of the boulder-strewn mountain, and when they will crop.
I met them one day and each had a flower
Stuck into his berries as fresh as a shower;
Some strange kind–they told me it hadn’t a name.

– Robert Frost, Blueberries (more…)

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Ultimate Steak, Part 1 : The Gunter Brothers Saga

Gunter Bros 1Every time we drive through Black Creek, I stare out at the rolling pastures packed with cows and think of Gary Larson’s Far Side comic strip.

You know the one: A field full of cows are standing on two hooves, conversing with obvious intelligence when one yells “Car!” Just as two humans drive by they drop down on all fours and pretend to be witless bovines. When all’s clear they stand back up and get on with their day, the humans never suspect a thing. *chuckles*


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The Edible Valley Podcast

The Edible ValleyI get an electric charge when I’m listening to the radio and someone mentions something I know and love. It’s usually something related to mass media, but sometimes it’s more of a localized thing like a Vancouver restaurant I’ve eaten at or a local artist that’s getting big. The closer to home the topic is, the more I’m ‘gonna get excited.

So when I learned that there was a food podcast being beamed out of the Comox Valley by two local boys, focused on what was growing and being eaten right here, right now… I got BBQ duck excited! (more…)

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