Eight More BC Summer Beers

More BC Summer BeersIt’s been a scorcher this summer.

Not that I’m complaining… I like getting to work with dry socks and I love spending my weekends in the great outdoors!

It’s been a big change to have two days off with my wife! *laughs* Go ahead and insert your off-colour marriage joke here… But really, Crystal and I have been mountain biking, hiking, taking the dog to the beach and adventuring to new restaurants, farmer’s markets and junk shops. In short, we’ve enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Consequently, I haven’t spent as much time on the blog as I suppose I should… Sorry y’all.

During all these shenanigans I’ve discovered a handful of new, local beers that have accompanied and enhanced said shenanigans in all the right ways.

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Ten BC Beers You Have to Try This Summer!

BC BeersSummer. Beer.

No two words have ever been so flawlessly in simpatico. One is the perfect complement to the other, it’s twin and companion. Without one, the other is incomplete. There is nothing like sun, surf and a beer that has been freshly plucked from a slightly sand-crusted cooler’s cold, slushy recesses. Big sunglasses and good tunes naturally accompany such moments and bikini parties are sure to spontaneously occur. It’s science. Read More