Ten Food Projects For The Lockdown

Call it “lockdown”, “Isolation”, “Self-Quarantine” or whatever else the fact is just about everyone is home right now with quite a bit of free time. Those with families are now coping with a lot of mouths to feed more frequently and a dwindling supply of recipes to keep them happy.

Although I am not among those bunkering down I do have a few suggestions for anyone looking to start a new kitchen-related project and I also know quite a few industry folk who are using this time to hone their skills while hey wait for the food service world to start spinning again.

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Pickled Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes1Back in early November, before the frosts had withered every living thing in my garden I had enough foresight to pick all the remaining tomatoes off the vine and store ‘em indoors. Red, green or somewhere in between, it didn’t matter, I brought them in en masse. Over the next two weeks some ripened up, but a stubborn handful remained tough and green. Read More