Turkey Mole

Turkey MoleThe holidays have mercifully fallen behind us as we blast off into 2016, boldly going where some (but not all) cooks have gone before. New culinary cultures to explore! New twists on a classic protein! New recipes involving chillies and chocolate! New! New! New! (more…)

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Chicken In A Pot

Chicken in A Pot 1A very special chicken deserves very special care, and I can think of no better technique to accentuate all the wild, bug-fed chickeny goodness of a farm chicken than en cocotte.

I got turned on to this old-school French method of cooking chicken from an old issue of Cook’s Illustrated, which touted it as one of the “Discoveries that will change the way I cook”! Well, it wasn’t quite as revolutionary as all that, but it is a great way to cook chicken.


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