Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 14 – How To Cook Like an Amateur

Class is in session! Shawn and Simon go back to explain some of the basics of kitchen technique and share some recipes, plus lots of love for Jamie Oliver, Neil Gaiman and the new Prey movie.

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:

Runge’s Deli in Courtenay:


Michael Ruhlman’s book Soul of A Chef:

Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie’s Dinners:

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman on Netflix:

Prey on Disney Plus:

Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 08 – Meal Planning and Other Tips

Now that you’ve brought home your groceries how are you going to make the most of them? Shawn and Simon tear open those grocery bags and organize your world, plus tips and tricks for stretching leftovers and lots of love for Ethiopian cuisine.

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:

The Hu:

In Bibi’s Kitchen:


The Comet Is Coming:

Sesame Pickled Burdock Root:

We Started A Podcast!!!

Simon and Shawn have started a podcast about how to save money in these wild times of rising food costs, aptly named “Eat | Drink | Cheap”. Each episode will take listeners on a journey through an ingredient, technique or whatever our two culinary conversationalists can think of relating to food, drink, thrift and mindfulness in the kitchen.

Check out all the new episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or whatever podcast listening app you prefer, head on over to our podcast site at or\podcast or just click that new tab up there on the top right of our site.

Jess Garner’s Untitled Food Media Project

Getting to sit down with two old friends in the middle of a pandemic was an absolute joy.

Jess (who you may remember from my rhapsodic post about old BBQs) joined Nick (my other brother from a BBQ mother) to talk about comfort food for his Untitled Food Media Project. It was over an hour of nerding out about the things that make us go nuts after a long night on the line.

There are conversations about pho, katsu curry, fast food and (of course) bacon. All of this and more is available on Mixcloud.