Ten Inspirational TV Series About Food

Ten Inspirational TV Shows About Food
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It’s another weekend of near-constant rainfall and everyone in our house is stuck inside. Our podcasts are engaged and we’re moving about the house on one chore or another at the pace of snails in peanut butter. But there are only so many towels to fold, so many Gastropod episodes to listen to and so many trolls to slay in Skyrim… Everyone is getting board. I suggest taking the dog for a walk or maybe some mushroom hunting and Crystal visibly recoils, “you mean out there!?” pointing into the moist, grey world of perpetual misery beyond the window. *sigh*

A decade ago I would have flipped on the TV to Food Network and we would happily watch a couple early afternoon shows and let it run throughout the evening as background noise, but now cable TV is a far different (and much less interesting) beast. The once mighty metropolis has been reduced to a salted wasteland of bland talking heads, awkward diner crawls and ridiculous competitions.

We’ve adapted to the times. This is to say we don’t subscribe to or watch cable TV at all anymore. Most of our friends and co-workers are the same. A quick prowl around Youtube will reveal a vast array of shows that will actually inspire you to travel, eat and cook!

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Top Five Iron Chef Japan Episodes

Top Five Iron Chef Japan EpisodesWhile putting together last week’s insane love letter to Iron Chef I reviewed quite a few episodes on YouTube and thought I’d share my top five with the internet at large.

This list is by no means comprehensive or authoritative. I’ve pulled only from the fraction of episodes dubbed for Food Network in English and have used no metric more sophisticated than my own enjoyment. If you’re looking for a proper “Top” five list with statistics and pie charts showing the cultural impact of Kaga’s hairpiece, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Try Google Japan. Read More