Eat | Dink | Cheap Episode 37 – Lunar Dumplings

Simon and Shawn finally got the courage to tackle their biggest and most beloved topic yet! The multitude of dumplings made in Asia come a variety of shapes, tastes and textures that cannot be found anywhere else on our little blue marble. Grab your chopsticks kids, it’s time to dumple!

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:

The Spruce Eats Guide to Chinese Dumplings :

Double Happiness:

Folding Chinese Dumplings:

Taste Tibet Cookbook:

Dim Sum Cookbook:

God Of Cookery:

Tokyo Groove Jyoshi:

Blue Eye Samurai:

Poached Chicken and Rice

poached-chicken-and-riceI just realized our kitchen calendar was still on August and flipped it over, revealing the stereotypical picture of golden hued oak trees and a dilapidated barn that always accompanies September. Ugh… Here on the Westcoast September would be more accurately represented by a grey sheet of rain.

Yep, autumn has come just like it always does; like a switch is flipped, the sun just surrenders and the rains begin like the final act of Seven Samurai… And as usual most of my friends, family and co-workers are getting sick.

So the calendar goes back up on the wall, I fire up a big pot on the stove and pull one of my secret weapons against autumn depression from the freezer: Master Stock! I know it sounds like Master Chief’s little brother or a particularly corny GI Joe villain, but it’s not. It’s a broth made from simmering a whole chicken with Asian aromatics and then, over the course of many uses and multiple chickens it condenses into a powerful, gelatinous flavour bomb for use in soups, stews and sauces.

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