Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 21 – Onions

A year of podcasting and we’ve finally got around to onions! Possibly the most important and versitile vegetable in our pantry gets some love along with an extended talk about canning and the craziness currently going on in the culinary industry.

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Music by John Palmer

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Bon Appetit article on Noma’s Closing:

Thomas Keller’s Quick Pickled Pearl Onions:

My Dark Raven by Andreas Eggenberger:

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Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 15 – Gadgets with Nick McWilliam

We took a week off but we are back with a GIANT SIZED episode all about kitchen gadgets with guest host Nick McWilliam! What makes a gadget a gadget? How can they make your life easier and cheaper? Is the Slap Chop a crime against humanity? The answer to these and more!

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Music by John Palmer

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Breakfast of Champions

“Breakfast was, on the whole, a leisurely and silent meal, for no member of the family was very talkative at that hour. By the end of the meal the influence of the coffee, toast, and eggs made itself felt, and we started to revive, to tell each other what we intended to do, why we intended to do it, and then argue earnestly as to whether each had made a wise decision.”

― Gerald Durrell, My Family and Other Animals

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: What To Get A Young Prep Cook?

Continuing our recent trend of posts about mentoring all the fresh new faces joining our industry, I whipped up a Holiday gift guide for this year focused on all the stuff that a brand new cook would need to get started in a kitchen. We’re talking about someone green, first day of culinary school green. Finally made it out of the dishpit and is about to chop their first onion green. Read More

Love The Life: How To Stay Sane In The Culinary Industry

It was a night like so many others:  A hurricane of twittering servers running to and fro, The Clash blaring from the prep area, orders billowing like Tibetan prayer flags on the line and the hungry ghosts of a hundred tables whispering in my ear that they’re food’s taking too damn long to…

“Y’know, I’m really thinking about taking the Culinary Arts Course at the college… This feels right. I’ve already learned a lot already and I really like this place.” I overhear one of my prep boys debating his future over in no-man’s land and I automatically shout back, “You’re too damn smart for this industry! Go be an undersea wielder or whatever the hell makes more money!”

Everybody has a laugh and goes back to business but as I dug out another plateful of mashed potatoes I hear my own words ringing in my head. It was the same stuff I’d heard before and been told a million times by other, usually older cooks. Now I was the “lifer” on the line: The grizzled old man chiding the younger guys to get out fast and find a better path to fame and fortune far away from the hard slog of kitchen life. Read More