Hunt Gather Talk Podcast

Hunt Gather Talk LogoIt’s been a while since my last Podcast Roundup and I’m itching to share all the new food and culture content that I’ve discovered floating out there for free in the interwebs. I haven’t shuffled my lineup in a while and I’ve only added one new Foodcast as of late… But it’s a game changer and certainly big enough news to warrant its own post!

Hank Shaw has his own Podcast! The beard and brains behind the exceptional food blog-turned cookbook empire Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has started recording his free-form discussions (sometimes with guests) about everything his blog is famous for: Hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking all manner of wild foods. Read More

Five More Great Food Podcasts

Five More Food PodcastsScrolling through itunes, I noticed that only one of the food podcasts from my previous list (less than a year ago!) had captured my interest long enough to survive.

Time moves fast in the podcasting world, and the culling can be merciless and swift. Two weeks of un-interesting episodes and my fickle fingers strays toward the “Unsubscribe” button…Don’t judge, I’m not the only one.

Luckily I’m not starved for content. As I said, seasons wax and wain at blinding speed and the fertile fields of itunes, Downcast, Sticher and Google Listen blossom with new food-related podcasts every month. With all the time I spend biking to work (yes, even in February) I got time to kill, and learn. So give me all the content, and then gimmie more! Read More

Listen Up Cooks! Five Podcasts About Food

Listen Up Cooks!I get up every day at 8:00 sharp. Do all the dishes my past-self thoughtlessly left in the sink, shower, take the dog out, prep my uniform for a day’s abasement, and walk 45 minutes to work. I walk down footpaths, through forests, past people’s backyard gardens. It’s not all concrete, there are trees and birds and sometimes bears and things… it’s nice. But, sometimes it can be a little boring.

Enter podcasts. The perfect way to fill my head with interesting news, fun-facts, tunes, humour and talk talk talk talk… All while I hike my way to work. I love podcasts of all types, and subscribe to many: Music, history, science, comics, etc. Each created and curated by a person (or persons) with mad passion for something. Now, I work in a kitchen, and cook at home, and write about cooking on this blog, so it’s not far off to say I’m obsessed with food. As it turns out, so are many, many other people (How many food blogs out there? Thousands?) and some of those people have access to a microphone and an iTunes account. Read More