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Hunt Gather Talk LogoIt’s been a while since my last Podcast Roundup and I’m itching to share all the new food and culture content that I’ve discovered floating out there for free in the interwebs. I haven’t shuffled my lineup in a while and I’ve only added one new Foodcast as of late… But it’s a game changer and certainly big enough news to warrant its own post!

Hank Shaw has his own Podcast! The beard and brains behind the exceptional food blog-turned cookbook empire Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has started recording his free-form discussions (sometimes with guests) about everything his blog is famous for: Hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking all manner of wild foods.

I was a bit behind because he’s been releasing episodes since last year but they’re short (most only an hour long) and easily bingable. I caught up in a single afternoon while gardening and now I’m stuck waiting for new episodes to come out like a chump! *laughs* My favourites so far are Episode Two; a beginners guide to mushroom hunting and Episode Four; a meditation on spring with a great story about the beauty and danger of amanitas smack in the middle.


The cool thing is despite writing for The Atlantic, hanging with Rene Redzepi and generally being a food blog celebrity Hank comes across as just a dude who loves food and the great outdoors. He’s knowledgeable as hell, but delivers wisdom with a relaxed nonchalance that doesn’t get too technical and never alienates listeners that might be new to the world of hunting and foraging. In fact many of his talks (episode two, six and seven especially) are geared specifically to beginners.

It’s pure audio gold and definitely worth subscribing to if (like me) you’re into the foraging scene or (also, like me) you are interested in hunting for your dinner but need a bit of guidance to get going. Hit up the podcast page for more info and to subscribe via RSS or just subscribe via itunes like the rest of the world.


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