Grain & Glass

Grain and GlassSoon after stumbling into The Edible Valley, I’m hit with the soon-to-be arrival of another big bit of Comox Valley food media. Grain & Glass will be an online magazine dedicated to food, drink and storytelling by Bon Vivant dude Hans Peter Mayer. It looks pretty cool. Very… what’s the word? Designery! Yeah that’s a word!

Also, the guy can write:

Grain & Glass is a new online publication being created to showcase the producers and purveyors of fine food on Vancouver Island and beyond. It’s fine wine paired with the perfect cheese; a new IPA alongside the most decadent slice of pizza; the sweetest fireweed honey and the mead that it might become.  

It’s not gone to (Word)press yet, but you can click here to subscribe to the Grain & Glass Email list which should get you all the details and more.

So, this is what it feels like to be part of a scene that’s blowing up!

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