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The Edible ValleyI get an electric charge when I’m listening to the radio and someone mentions something I know and love. It’s usually something related to mass media, but sometimes it’s more of a localized thing like a Vancouver restaurant I’ve eaten at or a local artist that’s getting big. The closer to home the topic is, the more I’m ‘gonna get excited.

So when I learned that there was a food podcast being beamed out of the Comox Valley by two local boys, focused on what was growing and being eaten right here, right now… I got BBQ duck excited!

Blayne Prowse (also of The Cynical Cyclist blog) and Jonathan Frazier (chef at Courtney’s Atlas Cafe) are The Edible Valley Podcast! A little piece of portable airspace for local food folks to discuss their eating, drinking and cooking philosophies. It’s a local thing with a delicious, slightly dirt-crusted capital “L”.

The guest list is varied – One week a local chef, next time a farmer or winery owner – And the conversations hit the right balance of informative and entertaining. This is mainly thanks to the duo’s chemistry (both with each other and the guests) and the way they avoid questions that lead too much, letting the conversation occur organically. A lot of other podcasters need to take note. 

I recently got the opportunity to briefly meet and talk to Chef Frazier (to whom, in classic tact I referred to as “Hey you! Podcast dude!”) who is not only very knowledgeable, but a hell of a cool guy. After nicking one of his business cards (great idea! I ‘gotta make some of those!) I hit itunes and started down the rabbit hole. One at a time, episode after episode, like with so many other podcast-obsessions… It ‘kinda becomes your world for a week.

Standout episodes include the interview with author and wild man Miles Olson (who penned the book Unlearn, Rewild that I’m halfway through), Chef Joseph Forrest from Innisfree Farm, Allen McWilliam from Tannadice Farms, Helen Grond from Middle Mountain Meads and any one where the guys are just freestyling about their favourite ingredients and cooking techniques.

If you are a Vancouver Island food-lover, in the industry, or you just really dig podcasts packed full of content you have to listen to The Edible Valley. Hit ‘em up at their website, subscribe to them on iTunes and make sure to leave them some love with a comment/review. It’s how they get more front page face time, reach more listeners and inspire more locavores.

Maybe I should start a podcast… Or a nu-jazz radio show…. I wonder if Cortez Community Radio needs a DJ?

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