The Urban Modernist Cocktail

UM CocktailI’ve been listening to an online radio show from Hamilton, Ontario called Urban Modernists for the last seven years. Hosted by Greg (aka Afternoons In Stereo, who I’ve plugged many times alongside many meals) each episode is a journey into the deeply obscure and funky world of nu-jazz, funk, breaks, latin and afrobeat that has had a serious impact on both my ever-evolving musical tastes and I dare say my life in general. I’ve found a majority of my favourite artists (Shawn Lee, Jimi Tenor, Pitch ‘n Scratch, The Bamboos, The Haggis Horns, Quantic and his Combo Barbaro and soooooo many more) listening to this proto-podcast and obsessing over setlists intoned by the velvety-voiced host/DJ.

But, I’m sad to report that Greg’s days of putting needles to wax and expanding the minds of us morlocks over the airwaves and interwebs has come to an end. A couple weeks back he dropped the final episode after a decade-long run and I’ll admit to getting a little emotional. Read More

The Edible Valley Podcast

The Edible ValleyI get an electric charge when I’m listening to the radio and someone mentions something I know and love. It’s usually something related to mass media, but sometimes it’s more of a localized thing like a Vancouver restaurant I’ve eaten at or a local artist that’s getting big. The closer to home the topic is, the more I’m ‘gonna get excited.

So when I learned that there was a food podcast being beamed out of the Comox Valley by two local boys, focused on what was growing and being eaten right here, right now… I got BBQ duck excited! Read More