Spiced Pumpkin Seed Caramel Popcorn

Halloween’s over and I’m a little surprised by how much candy is left. Despite giving away handfuls of little nightmarishly-coloured sugar thingies, we still have a great big plastic cauldron-full sitting on the kitchen table… Not good. Every time I walk into the kitchen it’s squatting there, watching me, proffering it’s sticky fructose-laden goodies. Sure they taste good, but I’m not sure I can afford all the sleepless nights that follow. Read More

Happy Halloween!

I’m not sure if the photo makes it clear, but the image I carved lovingly into this pumpkin may just be eat|drink|breathe.com’s new logo!

Light the bonfires and bring on the hordes of polite, yet bloodthirsty children! Candy for everyone! Happy Samhain!