Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 39 – Hit The Beach

Slap on that sunscreen kids and grab a shovel! Shawn and Simon are hunting the sandy shores for mussels, oysters, clams, crabs, seaweed and a million other varieties of sea life, all delicious and all free! 

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:




Miso Roasted Oysters:

The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook by Chef Robin Kort:

Fishing BC App:

Khurangbin album A La Sala:

Picture of Sea Asparagus via :

Tagliatelle with Duck Confit, Toasted Walnuts and Spring Vegetables

Pasta with Duck ConfitThe last damp ghosts of winter have been exorcised by this weekend’s sunshine, and everyone (myself included) have been out in their gardens preparing for a beautiful and bountiful spring. I have dirt under my nails, scratches all over my arms, a slight buzz from sunstroke and a mid-afternoon beer. I could not possibly be happier.

In my enthusiasm to “get ‘er done”, I’ve left dinner far too late. But, never fear! I’ve got all that Duck Confit in the fridge, and plenty of slightly scrumpy vegetables to sing back-up. I’ve got a pasta recipe that I conceived of last year that is so easy to throw together, and so freaking satisfying that I just have to bust it out. It’ll be the cherry on my perfect day parfait. Read More