Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 21 – Onions

A year of podcasting and we’ve finally got around to onions! Possibly the most important and versitile vegetable in our pantry gets some love along with an extended talk about canning and the craziness currently going on in the culinary industry.

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Music by John Palmer

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Thomas Keller’s Quick Pickled Pearl Onions:

My Dark Raven by Andreas Eggenberger:

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Ten Documentaries That Celebrate Food

Jiro Doc

Last month’s weekends were pretty gross weather-wise, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time indoors tuning up my bike, working on some secret online projects (bacon anyone?) and watching a lot of food documentaries on Netflix.

These movies generally come in two types: The ones that dig deep into a localized corner of the culinary world and celebrate it and the ones that show you the horrors of the modern industrial food complex and make you wish you weren’t born into this cruel world. Read More

Industrial Rustic

Mercato Restaurant (Shanghai) designed by Neri&Hu. Via the Retail Design Blog
Mercato Restaurant (Shanghai) designed by Neri&Hu. Via the Retail Design Blog

Back in October (A year ago, incredible! I’m still writing “2012”) Macleans magazine released their 50 Best Restaurants in Canada guide. My Chef, Hiro and I flipped through it one night after clean-up and immediately nerded all over the “Westcoast” chapter.

Vancouver’s own Hawksworth Restaurant got number one in all of Canada! Nice! Bao Bei and Whistler’s Araxi also represented. And, just a couple pages later we were treated to a beautiful two-page layout of Gastown’s gastronomic bleeding heart: L’Abattoir. My eyes were immediately drawn not to the perfectly prepared, meticulously arranged plates of food, but to the restaurant’s gorgeous interior. The sun-dappled dining section with the driftwood/antler chandelier and exposed brick walls really got my art school dropout soul singing. Read More