Craft Beer Coming To Campbell River

BeachFire LogoThe zoning meetings haven’t even finished and the buzz has begun: It looks like Campbell River is getting its very own craft brewery. According to the Beach Fire Brewery site within a year they’ll be up and brewing house-made beers, serving tapas-style appys and trying their damnedest to gentrify downtown CR.

I was talking with my friends (and corporate overlords) Britta and Ivan about the news and everyone (myself especially) raised a skeptical eyebrow. Really? Campbell River? Will a craft brewery really work here? Are there enough beer nerds and yoga moms to support it? So many questions…

But later on, after cracking a beer and giving it some thought my eyebrow relaxed and a lot of my misgivings melted away. I mean, the Cumberland Brewery services a much smaller population and still makes a profit and killer beer! And what about Red Arrow Brewing in Duncan or the joint in Gananoque we visited last autumn? You wouldn’t think of either towns as craft brew destinations, but now they are.

BeachFire LocationThere’s no word yet on what the initial lineup of beers will be, or what the menu for the “Nosh House” (ouch!) will read like. The fine folks behind the brewery are working hard to get their permit first and then parcel out their secrets. In fact the only sliver of info we have is their logo, which I ‘gotta say after a few more beers, has tipped me over into excited optimism… This could, in fact, work.

You can join me in following this story by signing up for the mailing list, or liking the brewery on Facebook. Show them some love, ‘cause soon they’ll be making beer named after stuff in our town. *laughs* Tyee Plaza Pilsner? Graffiti-covered big Bear Rock Ale? How about Over By The Old Canadian Tire IPA?

This is going to be awesome.


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