Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 11 – Mead, Part 2: The Sobering

The boys sober up and continue their talk on one of mankind’s oldest alcoholic creations. Including step by step instructions on fermenting your own mead, recipes, flavouring ideas and what to avoid when entering into the mead community. Shawn also laments shopping for his wife in the liquor store and shows some love for the original Iron Chef Japan.

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:

Make Mead Like a Viking by Jereme Zimmer:,not%20only%20uncomplicated%20but%20fun.

Middle Mountain Mead:

Wardruna: A Norwegian Folk Metal group that uses traditional instruments:

Original Iron Chef Japan on Youtube: Big love to Eevee EVP, Sidney Greenwood and Xacred for keeping my Nostalgia alive!

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