Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 18 – Soop!

Nothing satifies and nurishes us during the dark and bliseringly cold months like a big ‘o bowl of soup! Simon and Shawn dive deep into the pot of memory and dredge up some stories and killer recipes plus literature/music picks and a special guest. 

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Music by John Palmer

Show notes and Shout Outs:

Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade:

Cajun Jambalaya with Isaac Toupes:

Chestnut Soup with Crispy Pancetta:

Mammal Hands:

Soup By Barbara Kafka:

Chasing the Gator Isaac Toups:

Stay warm out there kids!

2 thoughts on “Eat | Drink | Cheap Episode 18 – Soop!

  1. Of course Andrew listens! But he is behind, we like to listen on Sunday when he makes me a meal. He usually does a great pasta. But recently he’s been doing some nice soups. One of our Christmas gifts (that we opened early) is a Dungeons and Dragons cookbook. Made a nice stew from it last week.

    I think you should do an oatmeal episode,
    Cheap breakfast (remember Grandpa Joes breakfasts)
    Great filler (blood/black pudding, haggis!)
    Makes a great substitute for pecans in pecan pie (good historical story for that of pecans being scarce during civil war so they used oatmeal instead)
    Apple crisp- (apples could be their own episode)

    Overnight oats (food crime?)
    Haggis also good crime???

    Other episode ideas
    Leftover bread (stuffing, croutons, bread pudding, French toast)

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